Thuan Bui

Thuan Bui

California Bay Area natives Bill and Eileen Musladin were born to immigrant parents. Bill’s parents were from Croatia and Turkey, and Eileen’s parents were from Germany and England.

Eileen served in the Army Nurse Corp during World War II, until she es married to Bill in1943. Bill served in the US Air Force as a navigator/bombardier for 26 years. Their 65 year marriage was truly “’til death do us part”.

Bill entered the Air Force as an enlisted man. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1967, after having served in WW Il, Korean and the Viet Nam wars.

While in the Air Force, Bill continued his education to earn his MBA. Bill valued education and learning. So, after retirement, he went back to school and earned his MA in Anthropology, the subject that is dear to his heart.

Both Bill and Eileen volunteered in many community projects, such as the Office of the Emergency Services, the Sacramento Sherriff’s Department, and the Women’s Forum etc.

A few of the many organizations they supported were the Public Radio, KVIE, and many military family services and veteran’s causes.

Their daughter, Thuan Bui, wishes to honor their legacy and commitment to learning, and to the veteran community with two scholarships, one for a veteran and one for a veteran’s dependent.


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