CRC Nina Simone Music in Action Scholarship

GPA: 2.0
Units Completed: 6.00
Minimum Units Enrolled: 6

Nina Simone was an incredible vocalist, pianist, and activist. Her tumultuous life was greatly influenced by the Civil Rights Movement, and the music she created served as its soundtrack. She famously said, “An artist’s duty…is to reflect the times.” With this scholarship, you are encouraged to do just that. How can your music make a greater impact?

This scholarship is for students continuing at CRC in the fall semester and requires a video submission (YouTube link). In the video submission, students will perform music of their choice (2 to 5 minutes), as well as verbally express what they intend to do with their scholarship funds and how they might use music to transform their community now or in the future. Primary consideration is given to Black, Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQIA+ vocalists and musicians. However, students of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. All styles of music are welcome. Winners of the scholarship are expected to take part in a public or virtual performance guided by the panel.

There are two awards available.

Omari Tau
Cosumnes River College
Supplemental Questions
  1. There is no written application. Please submit a video with a YouTube link. In the video submission, you will perform music of your choice (One 2 to 5 minute selection) in any style that exhibits your talent and passion for music.
  2. In your video submission, also respond to the following prompts: 1. Verbally express what you intend to do with the scholarship funds. 2. What does “transform your community through music” mean to you? 3. Who is your favorite performing artist or composer, and why? Did you address these prompts in your video?
  3. Do you understand that winners of this scholarship are expected to take part in a public or virtual performance guided by the panel?