ARC Chemistry Department Sophomore Award

GPA: 3.00
Units Completed: 6
Minimum Units Enrolled: 6
1) Student must have completed Chemistry 420 and either be currently enrolled in or have completed Chemistry 421, with both courses being taken at American River College; 2) The applicant must obtain a recommendation letter from his or her Chemistry 420 or Chemistry 421 professor. Student must be majoring in Chemistry, Physical Science/Mathematics or Science-General, or Pysics or Astronomy.

ARC Chemistry Department Faculty
American River College
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you completed Chemistry 420 and are currently enrolled or completed Chemistry 421 at ARC
  2. Please upload copy of transcript to verify Chemistry 420 and 421
  3. This scholarship requires a letter of recommendation from your Chemistry 420 or Chemistry 421 professor. Please provide the name and email address of someone who can provide a recommendation for you. They will receive a link to our recommendation form.