ARC Alyce Mae Fiedler Beacon Tutor Scholarship

GPA: 2.00
Units Completed: 24
Minimum Units Enrolled: 6
Student must be majoring in Biology. Applicants must currently be or must have been a Beacon tutor and provide one additional letter of recommendation from a faculty member that they tutored for or the letter can be from the Beacon Coordinator.
1) Must qualify for the BOG fee waiver, (student does not have to provide proof), the committee will verify BOG eligibility; 2) Those with the greatest financial need will receive top priority in the selection process; 3) Applicants must be making satisfactory progress toward a degree, but GPA shall not be considered as stand-alone criteria; 4) Scholarship will be paid in installments over two semesters; 5) Must be a resident of California; 6) Must have completed 24 degree-applicable units at the time of the award disbursement; 7) Must be continuing at ARC in the fall.

Linda Dixon
American River College
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a current or former Beacon Tutor?
  2. Please upload a letter of recommendation from a faculty member confirming you have tutored or a letter from the Beacon Coordinator.